Volume XVI, Number 3
Summer 2015

'Budbrooke: its Medieval Landscape', STEVEN WALLSGROVE

'Norman Late-comers: the Butler Family of Oversley', DAVID CROUCH

'The Boarding out of Pauper Children in Warwickshire, 1869-1900', ROSEMARY S. HALL

Volume XVI, Number 2
Winter 2014-15

'Humphrey Rydell and the Swan at Coleshill: a Sixteenth-century Small-town Innkeeper and his Inn', ANDREW WATKINS

'Stratford-upon-Avon's First Guide-books', ROGER PRINGLE

'Nineteenth-century Slums in Leamington Spa and the introduction of Publlic Health Reforms', COLIN A. MAYNELL

Volume XVI, Number 1
Summer 2014

'Twelfth-Century Hermitages in the Arden', RICHARD DACE

'John Whittingham: Coventry Nurseryman, Diarist, Catholic Apologist and Political activist', RUTH BARBOUR

'"Advice and Medicine for the Working Classes": The Leamington and Warwick Provident Dispensaries, 1869-1913', JOHN WILMOT

Volume XV, Number 6
Winter 2013/14

'A Landscape for Pleasure: Fulbrook, Warwickshire and John Duke of Bedford in the Fifteenth Century', CHRISTOPHER DYER

'Saltley Reformatory: Its Origin and Growth in Victorian Birmingham', DAN WALE

'The Mysterious Origins of Aston Villa Football Club, TREVOR FISHER

Cover Image: Norton Training School, 1936

Volume XV, Number 5
Summer 2013

''My Trust to be saved': Religious Change in North-East Warwickshire through Testamentary Evidence', VIVIEN WELLER

'Warwickshire Links to the London Virginia Company', BOB GIBSON

''An Eligible Spot for Building': the Suburban Development of Greatheed Land in New Milverton, 1824 - c. 1900', JANE N. CROOM

Cover image: Oak chest donated to St Mary's Church, Warwick, by Thomas Oken

Volume XV, Number 4
Winter 2012/13

'The Dabridgecourts of Knowle: a Monumental 'Translation'?', ANTHONY A. UPTON

'A Push From the Centre: the Nineteenth-Century Transformation of Warwickshire Grammar Schools', DAVID PATERSON

'A Visit to Moreton Morrell Manor House', NORMA HAMPSON

Cover image: Moreton Morrell Manor House in 1935

Volume XV, Number 3
Summer 2012

'Was Bidford-on-Avon a Town in the Middle Ages?', CHRISTOPHER DYER

'Grimsby Fishing Apprenticeships and the Warwickshire Poor Law Unions, 1880-1900', ROSEMARY S. HALL

'George Matthews Bennett Senior, Bone-setter: an Addendum', PHILIP SPINKS

Cover Image: The Majestic, a Grimsby trawler

Volume XV, Number 2
Winter 2011/2012


'Thomas Burbury and the 1831 Weavers' Riots in Coventry', MARGARET HOBLEY

'Jingoism in action: the Stratford-upon-Avon Ladysmith Riots', PHILIP SPINKS

'The Ladbroke Riots: a postscript', PENELOPE UPTON

Cover image: Warwick Court House, the Ballroom

Volume XV, Number 1
Summer 2011

'Rioting and Popular Ridicule in Ladbroke in the Early Seventeenth Century', PENELOPE UPTON

'The Alcester Waterworks Company', CYRIL JOHNSON

'Edward Aveling and Eleanor Marx in Stratford-upon-Avon', NICHOLAS FOGG

Cover image: The waterwheel at the site of the Arrow pumping station