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Volume XVII, Number 4                                                                    

Winter 2018/19

Bablake Hospital: The Development of a Poor Relief Scheme in Coventry, 1560-1640


Leamington Art Gallery and Museum, 1945-1999: 'an exemplary institution' or 'the Cinderella of the Council'?


Celebrating Peace in Warwickshire, 1814


List of Publications on the History of Warwickshire Published in 2018 with Addenda for 2017


Volume XVII, Number 3                                                                    

Summer 2018

A socio-economic profile of Anglican clergy in mid-nineteenth century Warwickshire


Frederick George Savage, postman, botanist and socialist


The Stratford-upon-Avon to Long Compton Turnpike and its cast-iron mileposts


Volume XVII, Number 2                                                                     

Winter 2017/18

The Origins of Warwick: Town and Settlement


The Archdeacon and his Staff at Work: An Example from Twelfth-Century Warwickshire


'By a True Account of Things to Undeceive the Abused': Ralph Hope, Coventry's Government Correspondent, 1666 to 1672


Volume XVII, Number 1 Summer 2017

Building Estate Development in Mid-Victorian Coventry: The Role of Freehold Land Societies

DAVID FRY                                                                                                                                 

Mr Newdegate and the Schools: Landed Influence and Elementary Education in the Victorian Period

DAVID PATERSON                                                                                                                      

Setting an Example: Marie Corelli and Food Hoarding in WWI

J.P. LETHBRIDGE                                                                                                                       

Volume XVI, Number 6 Winter 2016/17

Balancing Life and Faith: Warwickshire Chantry Clergy, Careers and the Dissolution of 1548
SYLVIA GILL                                                                                                                             

Stratford-upon-Avon’s Fire of 1614
ROBERT BEARMAN                                                                                                                 

Thomas Hall's Reminiscences of an Old Farnborough Boy between about 1822 and 1832
EDWARD REID-SMITH                                                                                                            


Volume XVI, Number 5 Summer 2016


Coventry Womens’ Contribution to Public Life in Early-Modern Coventry
JULIE CHAMBERLAIN                                                                             

Bowling Along for 200 Years: The Halford Bowls Club and its Archives
NAT ALCOCK                                                                                            

Lord Willoughby de Broke and his Kineton Landing Ground
PETER ASHLEY-SMITH                                                                           


Volume XVI, Number 4, Winter 2015/16

Warwickshire Local History Society Celebrates Fifty Successful Years

‘A convenient habitation fit for Christians to dwell in’: Parish Housing for the Poor in Seventeenth-Century Rural Warwickshire


The ‘Captain of Oliver’s Army’ and the Wixford Catholics: Clerical/Lay Conflict in South Warwickshire, 1640-1674



Volume XVI, Number 3
Summer 2015

'Budbrooke: its Medieval Landscape', STEVEN WALLSGROVE

'Norman Late-comers: the Butler Family of Oversley', DAVID CROUCH

'The Boarding out of Pauper Children in Warwickshire, 1869-1900', ROSEMARY S. HALL

Volume XVI, Number 2
Winter 2014-15

'Humphrey Rydell and the Swan at Coleshill: a Sixteenth-century Small-town Innkeeper and his Inn', ANDREW WATKINS

'Stratford-upon-Avon's First Guide-books', ROGER PRINGLE

'Nineteenth-century Slums in Leamington Spa and the introduction of Publlic Health Reforms', COLIN A. MAYNELL

Volume XVI, Number 1
Summer 2014

'Twelfth-Century Hermitages in the Arden', RICHARD DACE

'John Whittingham: Coventry Nurseryman, Diarist, Catholic Apologist and Political activist', RUTH BARBOUR

'"Advice and Medicine for the Working Classes": The Leamington and Warwick Provident Dispensaries, 1869-1913', JOHN WILMOT

Volume XV, Number 6
Winter 2013/14

'A Landscape for Pleasure: Fulbrook, Warwickshire and John Duke of Bedford in the Fifteenth Century', CHRISTOPHER DYER

'Saltley Reformatory: Its Origin and Growth in Victorian Birmingham', DAN WALE

'The Mysterious Origins of Aston Villa Football Club, TREVOR FISHER

Cover Image: Norton Training School, 1936

Volume XV, Number 5
Summer 2013

''My Trust to be saved': Religious Change in North-East Warwickshire through Testamentary Evidence', VIVIEN WELLER

'Warwickshire Links to the London Virginia Company', BOB GIBSON

''An Eligible Spot for Building': the Suburban Development of Greatheed Land in New Milverton, 1824 - c. 1900', JANE N. CROOM

Cover image: Oak chest donated to St Mary's Church, Warwick, by Thomas Oken

Volume XV, Number 4
Winter 2012/13

'The Dabridgecourts of Knowle: a Monumental 'Translation'?', ANTHONY A. UPTON

'A Push From the Centre: the Nineteenth-Century Transformation of Warwickshire Grammar Schools', DAVID PATERSON

'A Visit to Moreton Morrell Manor House', NORMA HAMPSON

Cover image: Moreton Morrell Manor House in 1935

Volume XV, Number 3
Summer 2012

'Was Bidford-on-Avon a Town in the Middle Ages?', CHRISTOPHER DYER

'Grimsby Fishing Apprenticeships and the Warwickshire Poor Law Unions, 1880-1900', ROSEMARY S. HALL

'George Matthews Bennett Senior, Bone-setter: an Addendum', PHILIP SPINKS

Cover Image: The Majestic, a Grimsby trawler


Volume XV, Number 2
Winter 2011/2012


'Thomas Burbury and the 1831 Weavers' Riots in Coventry', MARGARET HOBLEY

'Jingoism in action: the Stratford-upon-Avon Ladysmith Riots', PHILIP SPINKS

'The Ladbroke Riots: a postscript', PENELOPE UPTON

Cover image: Warwick Court House, the Ballroom

Volume XV, Number 1
Summer 2011

'Rioting and Popular Ridicule in Ladbroke in the Early Seventeenth Century', PENELOPE UPTON

'The Alcester Waterworks Company', CYRIL JOHNSON

'Edward Aveling and Eleanor Marx in Stratford-upon-Avon', NICHOLAS FOGG

Cover image: The waterwheel at the site of the Arrow pumping station